Getting a Permanent Residence Permit in Thailand


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The various advantages of holding a Thai PR can perhaps explain the increasing volume of PR applications being received by the immigration office every year. Although the requirements and processes involved are never definite and clear, most resident expats in the Land of Smiles are willing to gamble their money, time and effort to secure a permanent residence status in Thailand ufa .

Among the merits of holding a PR status in Thailand are as follows:

1. A PR holder can live permanently in Thailand which means he/she does not have to go through the usual immigration red tape.

2. A permanent resident is entitled to an alien registration book which is equivalent to the National ID card held by Thai citizens. Apart from this, he will be issued a permanent residence book.

3. A permanent resident can be included in the Tabien Baan aka house registration document ufabet .

4. A PR holder can obtain a work permit easier than a non-resident. This implies that he/she still has to obtain a work permit if he/she intends on working in Thailand.

On top of the advantages outlined above, a permanent resident can also enjoy a lot of privileges that go with his permanent status. These include the following:

1. Ability to finance a condo purchase with funds earned in Thailand as opposed to the required use of off shore funds.

2. Being able to apply for naturalization in accordance with the law concerned;

3. Your children who are born in Thailand can be granted a Thai nationality.

4. Become a director of a public company although it's majority Thai owned.

5. Non-Thai family members can also apply for extension of stay and permanent residence.

The Immigration bureau implements a quota in granting permanent residence status by nationality. That is only 100 PR grants per nationality every year. The application period normally opens in early or mid December which runs until the last business day of December. The results of the PR application are published in a newspaper in December of the following year. This means that the Thai PR application process takes a year to complete.

If you think you are qualified to apply for the Thai Permanent Residency, it would be good to start your preparation as early as possible. You have to identify the best category which your qualifications fall under and start collecting the required documents associated with it. It's also advised that you enlist the services of a qualified Thailand lawyer to guide you with the requirements and process involved.


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